32" Ginger Ale Deluxe Longboard - Yellow

32″ Ginger Ale Deluxe Longboard – Yellow


Ginger Ales are our approach to a low-gravity, energy conserving cruiser. It features a 1.75″ drop that keeps it as close to the ground as possible! The 32″ overall length keeps the board compact and portable.


Product Description

This is the small sized Drop Deck Cut Out you have been looking for!

These boards are great all-purpose decks. Minimal lateral flex, and minimal torsional flex when compared to a wooden deck.

Cruising: The deck is perfect for pushing around parking lots, and navigating a crowded sidewalk. The platform Drop also allows for easier pushing.

Freeride: The symmetrical shape is good for worry free switching. The Drop Deck offers good stability, and helps start low to mid speed sliding.

Kids: You cannot go wrong with this deck for up and comers. Its metal construction will be taking all the abuse they can dish out long after a wooden board would have fallen apart. The platform Drop also lowers the center of gravity improving stability, and making the board easier to push around.


  • The KnuckleDuster system doubles as finger holes or as security feature. You can use them to help carry your board, store it, or use them as an easy way to lock your board up with a lock and chain. They include grommets for extra cushioning in the finger holes.
  • The recycled plastic BottleCaps are deck end caps that protect the board ends, and help spread impacts out over a larger area during crashes. This is good for the decks edges, and your shins.
  • Durable powder coat finish

Physical Specs

  • Length = 32″
  • Width = 8″
  • Deck Drop = 1.5″
  • Profile = Tri-Plane Cave
  • Platform = ~19.5″
  • Platform Camber = 0.375″
  • Wheelbase = 24.75″ (inner mounting holes)
  • Truck Mount = Standard Top Mount

This set includes

  • 32″ Ginger Ale Deck
  • 181mm Black Bear 852 Trucks
  • LED wheels
  • Laser Cut Grip Tape
  • Recycled Plastic BottleCaps
  • Rubber Finger Hole Grommets
  • Rubber Vibration Pads
  • Attaching hardware

All Beercan Boards are made with recycled aluminum and plastics in the USA. They’re tuff as nails and ECO friendly too. From a novice to expert riders, these boards have something everyone will love.